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SMEs —think artificial intelligence is not for you? Think again! 

Artificial intelligence is important to the future of SMEs. So what’s holding you back?



For many small- and medium-size businesses the idea of incorporating artificial intelligence into their company is daunting. What can AI even do for you? How do you get started? Who do you turn to, what talent can you draw on? Engineers or data scientists? If AI is all about having the data, do you have enough to make it worthwhile?

And, importantly, how expensive will it be?  

Artificial Intelligence Can Be Daunting


We have developed a solution for small-and medium-size Canadian businesses to determine their readiness to adopt AI. Companies will receive the support of artificial intelligence experts to undertake an eight-week project to evaluate their systems and discover real opportunities to use AI to achieve their business goals.  

This is a chance to access some world-leading AI experts.

And all at an investment of just $3,000 from you.

Mitacs Can Answer All Those Questions

Don’t know where to begin with your AI strategy?

Let an AI expert help

$6K stipend to the student for an eight week project full-time (or 16 weeks part-time): Your investment is just $3K

Apply any time

Project approval in as little as two weeks

Open to all SMEs

What You Need To Know


You get knowledge and expertise from outstanding experts in artificial intelligence — graduate students or postdocs


From five employees to 499 employees

Owners, CTOs, VPs or directors of technology 

From manufacturing to agribusiness, resource to retail and beyond.

No matter the size of your company or sector, we work with you 

Who we are

With 14,000 collaborations and 80 innovation-project experts, Mitacs is a leader in Canada’s innovation ecosystem.

Whether you are an SME with five employees or 400, we know accomplishing your innovation goals requires time, talent, and budget.

By connecting you to the right research talent and enabling your budget to go further we can assist you in achieving your ambitions. 

How We Help You Achieve Your Goals

Leverage your budget to develop an AI roadmap

We provide you with leading AI talent to assess your needs

Collaborate with experts and gain access to cutting edge knowledge

Your Key Benefits

Maximize Your Budget & Time

The Right Person For Your Business

The Knowledge & Advice You Need


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So What Are You Waiting For?

The economic recovery starts today.